OEM Authorized TOPCON Dealer | 4Rivers Equipment

Topcon 3D MC2 Dozer Control System

4Rivers Equipment announces that they have been named the newest Topcon Positioning Systems dealer. In business 85 years this September, Topcon ‘s technologies assist all facets of infrastructure and agriculture industries all over the world.

“We are very excited to be an OEM Topcon dealer, we are now able to fully provide machine control technology and support solutions to our partners”. -Shaun Wood, 4Sight Solutions Manager.

Using products varying from, but not limited to software solutions, machine controls, theodolites, data collection, and remote data transfer; the partnership between 4Rivers Equipment and Topcon will bring the upmost productivity and site proficiency to customers like never before.

Focusing on the construction, mining and forestry sectors in Colorado and New Mexico, 4Rivers Equipment expects to see its customers take full advantage of the products coming directly from the factory and alter market benefits, support, and service.

4Rivers will offer various Topcon trainings throughout the year, perform software upgrades and provide discounts and customer perks that local Topcon users may have not had available to them up till now. Pursing community and customer support and now offering technological advancements for the construction, mining, and forestry industries are great examples of 4Rivers Equipment’s dedication to you, the customer.

Check out the Topcon line up here.