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3D Machine Control with Foursight Solutions.

3D Machine Control for Construction Applications

3D Machine Control means that there is an unlimited capability of design for jobs involving ditches, foundations, ponds, plains, roads, subdivisions, etc. Nowadays, many of John Deere’s new construction equipment comes GPS ready or may have GPS already equipped; such as excavators, dozers, or motor graders. To tell if your current machine is equipped with GPS grade control, check for 2 “vibe poles” that look sort of like a wide antenna pole in a fixed mount position on the outside of the machine; usually in the front. You will also have a GPS touchscreen monitor inside the cab; usually on the armrest.

The key to keeping your grade control system working properly is proper maintenance. Followed are some tips and tricks to help keep your 3D Machine Control system in tip-top shape.

  • Move GPS antennas and touchscreen daily while keeping it safe and secure in its case overnight.
  • Coil cables from machine to antenna: ensure it’s properly fastened to the pole as they are expensive to replace.
    • Secure ends properly so they don’t pull frequently on the ends and break/fray.
  • Keep the files on the machine touchscreen limited. Delete old jobs that aren’t needed any longer. There’s only so much space available before it starts slowing down the performance.
  • Regular firmware updates will help with system performance.
  • Always have a USB flash drive available for easy transfer of data.

John Deere’s 3D Machine Control for construction applications is a must-have for any job on any jobsite. You can become more efficient and accurate while excavating, dozing, or grading.

Reach out to your local 4Rivers Equipment location and ask to speak with the 4Sight Solutions team or visit their page to get more information here: https://www.4riversequipment.com/technology/4sight-solutions/


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