4Rivers Equipment Expands Reach and Services in Colorado with Honnen Equipment Acquisition

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GREELEY, Colo. – As of December 12, 4Rivers Equipment embarks on an exciting expansion journey, solidifying its commitment to serving customers across Colorado with the acquisition Honnen Equipment locations in Commerce City, Grand Junction, and Durango. This strategic move further cements 4Rivers Equipment as a premier dealer of John Deere construction equipment while enhancing its capacity to deliver top-tier services statewide. 

This milestone unites two Colorado-born companies steeped in rich legacies. 4Rivers Equipment, with roots dating back to 1926 in Holly, Colorado, joins forces with Honnen Equipment, an integral part of the Denver and Western Colorado communities since 1963. The collaboration is poised to ignite innovation and resourcefulness, empowering an even more comprehensive response to the evolving industry demands. 

John Shearer, CEO of 4Rivers Equipment, conveyed his enthusiasm for the future, “Empowering our local teams to make decisions closer to our customers is a pivotal shift that promises unparalleled benefits. Our teams, intimately connected to the pulse of our customers, align every decision with our core values: innovation, integrity, respect, and commitment. This change embodies what sets 4Rivers Equipment apart – becoming not just a supplier, but your working partner.” 

Danny Bratton, General Manager at 4Rivers Equipment, emphasized their joint commitment to customer-centric operations, saying, “Bringing aboard such a talented team, dedicated to our customers’ needs, fills me with tremendous excitement. Their commitment ensures we meet and exceed the expectations of those we serve, paving the way for exceptional experiences and lasting relationships.” 

This union of resources, expertise, and technology will enable 4Rivers Equipment to elevate customer support, marking the beginning of an exciting new era for the company. 

While headquartered in Greeley, Colorado, 4Rivers Equipment looks forward to extending its exceptional service to both existing and new customers throughout the state. 

Commerce City, CO Durango, CO Grand Junction, CO

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Thank you for allowing us to serve you—we’re ready to be your working partner!

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