4Rivers Equipment Technician, Dallas Thompson, Honored as John Deere Territory Champion

4Rivers Equipment technician named John Deere territory champion

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Dallas Thompson has been a diesel technician at 4Rivers Equipment for the last 25 years. In that time, he has made an impact as a positive leader in the shop and in the field, leading him to be recognized by John Deere as a Territory Champion.  

The John Deere Technicians Award Program recognizes those who epitomize what it means to be “John Deere” and honors commitment to the brand. Beyond that, the award program acknowledges those who are of extraordinary service to their community.

“It is a great honor that Deere recognizes me because I have worked with John Deere equipment for 25 years,” Thompson said.

4Rivers Equipment CEO John Shearer added, “I’m incredibly proud to have a 4Rivers technician make it to territory champion once again. Dallas is an amazing example of living our mission and vision statements on a daily basis. His friendly, upbeat attitude and technical expertise are a big part of the Colorado Springs store’s success. In addition to what Dallas does at the store, he also spends his free time helping various veterans’ organizations. I am very proud to have Dallas on our team.”

As a level IV technician, Thompson has plenty of accomplishments in the workplace, but it is his work with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) that truly sets him apart. The CVMA is an association of combat veterans who support veteran care facilities by providing warm meals, clothing, shelter, and guidance to other combat veterans. Thompson serves as the commander of Chapter 3/5.

“It is vets helping vets – Every year we have a poker run and donate the proceeds to Veterans Community Living Center at Homelake in Monte Vista, Colorado,” Thompson said. “During Christmas, we go down and lay wreaths at the cemetery and then go hang out with the veterans. There have been times in the summer where we go down there for no reason, just to hang out with them, give them some gifts and make them feel loved and wanted in the community.”

Thompson carries the same spirit of giving to the shop by being a role model to other technicians, using his leadership and knowledge to build their skillsets.

“My team here in Colorado Springs is my motivation because I know I can get them on the right track and I can make them better technicians,” Thompson said. “I have learned how to motivate other techs and help them find the answer they are looking for.”

Thompson’s lifelong passion for mechanics began during his early years, fostered by his military service as a self-propelled systems mechanic. His enthusiasm for repairing and revitalizing equipment remains a driving force in his professional and personal life.

“Since I was young, I always liked tinkering around with stuff and if it was broke, I tried to bring it back to life. The reason being it always enthused me and made me feel good to make it work again. When I turned 20, I had joined the army, and I wanted to be a tank mechanic. I ended up being with the field artillery and I was a self-propelled systems mechanic. I just loved doing it, that is what sparked the interest. Fixing stuff that was broke and trying to bring it back to life excites me,” Thompson said.

Outside of work, Thompson enjoys riding with his CVMA chapter, repairing motorcycles, and spending time with his wife of 50 years, Mary. He would like to thank Colorado Springs Branch Manager Nick Kout and Service Manager Rich Jeanblanc for nominating him for this award.  

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