Colorado Springs Unveils ‘Relifed’ 470G Excavator for Frazee Construction Co.

Machine Relife completed for Frazee Construction Co.

On Friday, August 18, Colorado Springs unveiled the remarkable transformation of a 470G excavator, now revitalized and ready for action at Frazee Construction Co. Having clocked an impressive 12,500 operational hours, this machine was ready for rejuvenation. Through an extensive overhaul encompassing the hydraulic system, pumps, motors, cylinders, and an array of pivotal components, the excavator has been restored to peak performance.

Distinguished by a custom paint job that showcases the company colors of Frazee Construction Co., the excavator stands ready to make a striking impression on the job site.

Congratulations to the Colorado Springs team, whose dedication and skillful execution brought about yet another successful Relife project. A special acknowledgment is also extended to Chris Winans, the technician at the heart of this project. His expertise and commitment have played an instrumental role in elevating the excavator to its current state.

The Colorado Springs crew!
The Colorado Springs Crew.


“The cost of a rebuild is a fraction of a full replacement and can lengthen the life of John Deere articulated dump trucks, dozers, excavators, wheel loaders and scraper tractors,” the John Deere website states.

John Deere breaks the Machine Rebuild Program down into six simple steps:

Step 1: Replace required major powertrain components like the transmission engine and axels
Step 2: Review the results of the machine with dealer
Step 3: Specify any additional parts to replace
Step 4: Select ReLife warranty terms
Step 5: Work is performed on your machine by certified John Deere technicians
Step 6: Let you ReLife Machine help manage owning and operating costs

To learn more about the John Deere Rebuild Program click HERE.

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