JDLink™ | Construction Technology

4Rivers Equipment has offered John Deere construction equipment and technology solutions since 1926.

JDLink™ | Construction Technology

JDLink lets you track your machines, see which machines are working and if they are working properly, and to their utmost productivity and efficiency.


What is JDLink?

  • JDLink is John Deere’s telematics system and the core component of John Deere WorkSight™.
  • It enables you to manage your entire fleet from your desktop or mobile device.
  • It gives you anytime remote access to machine hours and location, fuel consumption, idle time, maintenance reminders, and more.
  • For SmartGrade machines, JDLink is the enabling technology that gives you the ability to remotely gain access to the in-cab monitor to troubleshoot issues reported by operators.


How Does JDLink Work?

JDLink works by using:

  • Durable onboard telematics hardware to capture incredibly detailed, real-time data for every enabled machine in your fleet.
  • Machine utilization and efficiency measures to make improvements and boost profitability.


Alert Function

  • The alert function lets you know immediately if there’s a problem.
  • Your dealer can read and clear diagnostic codes, record machine-performance data, and update software without traveling to the jobsite.
  • If necessary, your dealer technician may be able to arrive at the jobsite with the right parts and tools in hand.

Jobsite Security

  • Geofence and curfew features to help prevent theft and unauthorized use.
  • Limit when and where machines can be used and be promptly notified when those limits are violated.


  • JDLink is standard on nearly all John Deere equipment.
  • Five-year JDLink Ultimate in-base subscription comes with all production-class Loaders, Dozers, ADTs, Motor Graders, and Excavators.


JDLink Features:

  • Five years standard with most new construction equipment purchases
  • Updated JDLink website
  • Geofence
  • Machine grouping
  • Remote access of SmartGrade monitor
  • Alert escalation logic
  • Dealer data services/third party access
  • Distance traveled
  • Engine hours
  • Maintenance tracking
  • JDLink mobile app
  • Equipment utilization and engine load levels
  • Fuel consumption
  • Operator productivity indicators
  • Payload and trip counter for ADTs
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Diagnostic trouble code alerts
  • Remote diagnostics and programming capability
  • Dual-mode satellite option
  • On-demand updates
  • Curfew


Estimate the Return on Your JDLink Investment

Want to know the value of keeping your machines connected using JDLink? The return on investment calculator demonstrates the value of using JDLink to optimize your operation. https://roicalculator.deere.com/JDLROICL/web/


JDLink at a Glance

Your operation needs JDLink™ to achieve more uptime, payload accuracy, and operator efficiency, and fewer maintenance costs and unexpected repairs.


Mixed-Fleet Data Solutions

We make it easy for you to get all your telematics data in one place by collaborating with a diverse group of construction software and logistics portal providers.

You can download the JDLink Mobile app (available in the Apple Store or Google Play). Most models are already programmed to their machines once they purchased the machine. All you need to do is actually set up your personal account. Just create a username & password, accept the terms and conditions, and you’re ready to go.

4Rivers Equipment offers round-the-clock support and we constantly monitor our customers’ machine(s) all the time. Updates are available for older machines if needed (older than 5 years). JDLink is also compatible with Hitachi excavators and agricultural machines as well.

Another option for fleet management or machine monitoring for customers who aren’t brand specific to Deere is Fleet Intelligence which offers the same service but for all makes rather than just John Deere. The platform has web & mobile-options for convenience. Fleet Intelligence integrates with business systems as well for work orders, service requests, and even down to service and inspection records while JDLink does not. The offering includes hardware and software for your machines as well as non-powered assets such as light towers, generators, and trailers.


Check out the official John Deere JDLink brochure here: https://www.deere.com/assets/pdfs/common/products/jdlink-dkejdlv.pdf










Check out the John Deere JDLink Infographic below!

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