NEW John Deere Tech Graduate

New John Deere tech graduate

4Rivers Equipment would like to congratulate our newest Sponsored Technician Graduate, Nicholas Fischer. After completing his training at Southeast Community College from the John Deere Tech program in Milford, NE, he recently joined the Frederick, CO team.

“My journey to 4Rivers was pretty unexpected,” stated Fischer.
Growing up being a large equipment technician is not where he saw himself; it’s close, though. He thought that he wanted to be an automotive mechanic.

“From a young age, I had always loved cars and wanted to know how they worked. I grew up thinking I was going to be an automotive engineer of some sort,” said Fischer. He grew up in Colorado in the Arvada area, being fascinated by cars and how they worked. Unfortunately, his high school didn’t have any clubs that included the automotive world, so he didn’t get experience until he got his own. After graduating high school, Nicholas attended Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, intending to transfer to the School of Mines in Golden.

“After a year and half of classes, I took a break. This time period coincided with my job search, and the rest is history,” said Fischer.

He previously worked at a lumber yard in Commerce City and would occasionally get the chance to work on equipment with his supervisor, and he enjoyed every chance he got. Through some research and friend help, he found that John Deere was the way he wanted to go. Nicholas was ecstatic to learn more about 4Rivers Equipment.

After a tour of the Frederick, CO 4Rivers location, the managers talked with Nicholas about schools that he could attend. The instructors at Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska, in the John Deere Construction program, won him over. He immediately enrolled and started attending in the fall of 2019.

Nicholas was very involved in school and work. He engaged with many teammates to get tasks completed and was the Dorm RA. He got to speak at the Dealer Lunch on behalf of his fellow students to represent them all. 4Rivers Equipment chose to sponsor Nicholas because of his enthusiasm and is extremely bright with lots of energy. He has a bright future here at 4Rivers Equipment.

His passion is still vital for wanting to be a mechanic, and his love for it brought him to 4Rivers equipment. He would describe himself as diligent, enthusiastic, and exploring. A quote he lives by from Dwayne Johnson is “Be the hardest worker in the room.” He read that years ago, and that’s what he feels like sums up his mindset pretty well. He was the hardest worker in the room while at school, graduating with the highest honors.

We are excited to have Nicholas Fischer on the team at Frederick and are happy that his unexpected journey led him to 4Rivers to do what he is passionate about every day. If your story is like Nicholas’, take a look at our Sponsored Technician Program here!


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