Rich Jeanblanc goes above and beyond to earn Integrity Challenge Coin

Rich Jeanblanc wins integrity Challenge Coin

The second Challenge Coin recipient was named on Wednesday, Oct. 19 for an outstanding display of Integrity, one of our core values.

Service Manager at the Colorado Springs location, Rich Jeanblanc, says he was “just doing his job,” but the 4Rivers leadership team gave credit where it was due after careful consideration of the nominees.

Rich, who joined the 4Rivers family in January, was nominated after refusing to cut any corners when dealing with a warranty claim. Instead of taking the path of least resistance, he got to work and found a solution that upheld 4Rivers’ commitments to both John Deere and the customer.

“My goal was to find a solution for the customer and 4Rivers that we could agree on, for me, that was just doing my job to resolve a tough issue for a customer,” Rich said. “I appreciate the award and celebration. It means a lot to be recognized for this. I cannot emphasize how much I enjoy working for 4Rivers and this just added to that excitement even more.”

General Manager of Construction & Forestry, Danny Bratton, describes integrity during the Challenge Coin ceremony.
General Manager of Construction & Forestry, Danny Bratton, during the Challenge Coin ceremony – “Integrity is what you do when nobody is watching, you have a choice to make to do the right thing or the wrong thing, and you still choose to do the right thing.”


According to Rich, integrity is key to being a trusted partner and to operating at the highest level as a company.

“If we give in to a situation and violate our core values we will no longer be a trusted partner and vendor. It takes away from what we are selling and trying to provide,” Rich said.

Challenge Coin winners Erick Jarvis (left) and Rich Jeanblanc (right).
Rich Jeanblanc (right) pictured with previous Challenge Coin winner, Erick Jarvis (left).

Thank you, Rich, for your standard of excellence and commitment to integrity!

The 4Rivers Equipment Challenge Coin Ceremony honors those who uphold their commitment to team members and partners. It’s not only a coin, but a reminder of who we are, our core values and what we do each day at 4Rivers.

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