Commendable commitment: Kimberly Kraisinger earns 4Rivers Challenge Coin

Kimberly Kraisinger earns 4Rivers Challenge Coin for commitment

GREELEY, Colo. – 4Rivers Equipment honored Kimberly Kraisinger with a commitment Challenge Coin on Friday, Nov. 11 for exceptional dedication to community and teamwork.

Kimberly, administrator of corporate sales, was nominated for a Peak Performance moment by Accounting Specialist Jessica Laslo.

In early September, Jessica was mailing out nearly 2,000 statements to customers. The process is usually swift thanks to the envelope folding machine. However, after receiving the wrong envelopes, Jessica was forced to stuff, seal and stamp them by hand, setting her way behind on one of her busiest days.

Thankfully, Kimberly stepped up to lend a much-needed hand despite having a full plate of her own.

“Without hesitation or being asked, she grabbed half of my stack of papers, a bunch of envelopes and started folding and stuffing them,” Jessica said. “It would’ve taken me all afternoon.”

Kimberly, who has been on the team at 4Rivers for five years, says it is the character of her co-workers that motivates her to go above and beyond.

“We have a very strong team here,” Kimberly said. “Jessica makes it easy to want to help and people like Josh Raun (Inventory Manager) set the bar very high. It makes you want to do better every day. You just can’t beat the people here at 4Rivers.”

According to Jessica, it’s not rare for Kimberly to surpass expectations.

“This was not an unusual thing for Kimberly to do. She is always so supportive, never complains and is just a pleasure to be around,” Jessica added. “It was a bad day for me, and she completely turned it around.”

Kimberly Kraisinger's Challenge Coin and certificate
Kraisinger’s Challenge Coin and certificate.

Kimberly was not expecting to be recognized for helping Jessica that day but wants to express how grateful she is to her peers for their continual encouragement and support.

“This is just something we do on a daily basis,” Kimberly said. “Integrity is what you do when nobody is watching, and it helps to know that people do see it and it doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s nice to know that somebody is watching.”

The 4Rivers Equipment Challenge Coin Ceremony honors those who uphold their commitment to team members and partners. It’s not only a coin, but a reminder of who we are, our core values and what we do each day at 4Rivers. Kimberly is the third Challenge Coin recipient, joining Rich Jeanblanc and Erick Jarvis.

Thank you, Kimberly, for how you live out 4Rivers’ core value of commitment on a daily basis!


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