Machine Relife Underway in Colorado Springs

Another machine relife is currently in progress at the Colorado Springs facility, and this project is a big one! The dedicated team in Colorado Springs has been reviving a 470G excavator for Frazee Construction Co., a machine that has accumulated about 12,500 operational hours. So far, the hydraulic system, pumps, motors, cylinders, and a host of other crucial components have undergone rebuilding with only minor repairs and assembly left on the checklist.

This machine has also undergone a custom paint job, underscoring its status as a special undertaking for Frazee. The machine reveal will take place on August 18, when the Frazee team will come together with 4Rivers leadership for an eagerly anticipated grand reveal of the fully revitalized machine. Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil the final photos!

Shoutout to the Colorado Springs crew for making all of this happen, especially Chris Winans who is the technician on the project.

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