4Rivers Equipment Empowers Next Generation of Heavy Equipment Technicians Through Partnership and Donations

4Rivers Equipment donates Skid Steer to high school diesel program.

THORNTON, Colo. – Nearly two years ago, 4Rivers Equipment began a partnership with the Diesel Program at Bollman and Washington Square, a career and technical education program. 4Rivers Equipment has worked with the program to help provide the tools and equipment necessary to build successful young technicians in the heavy equipment industry.

In March, 4Rivers Equipment played a significant role in helping the school receive accreditation from the AED Foundation. The AED Foundation is a non-profit organization for the heavy equipment industry that works to improve the availability and quality of heavy equipment industry employees.

The high school accreditation program recognizes the hard work invested into the next generation of technicians and helps facilitate the pipeline from these high schools into dealer programs or post-secondary education. Accreditation from the AED Foundation expands career opportunities for students by fostering relationships with dealers. Additionally, accreditation opens up the opportunity for all heavy equipment dealerships to join in support of the Diesel Program.

As a culmination of their efforts over the past two years, 4Rivers Equipment recently made a valuable contribution by donating a 2014 391E Track Skid Steer to the program. This donation included two new Yanmar engines: one for training students and another to replace the existing engine in the skid steer.

Additionally, 4Rivers Equipment provided the Diesel Program with the school edition of Service Advisor, a digital database comprising operator and technical manuals for John Deere equipment. The company has also organized heavy equipment skills contests, allowing students to gain firsthand operator experience. Moreover, they have hosted women’s career days to encourage young women to explore the various career opportunities available in the heavy equipment industry.

4Rivers Equipment is excited to continue its partnership with Washington Square’s Diesel Program, so they can pursue successful careers in the heavy equipment industry.

“I can’t thank the FutureForward administrators and faculty enough for what they are doing for the industry and for these students,” 4Rivers Equipment CEO John Shearer said. “Even if these students don’t go into the industry, they’re getting skills they will own for the rest of their lives, nobody can take that away from them.”

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